Over the past fifty years, we have performed a wide variety of productions in a wide variety of venues, not always in Gamlingay. We have competed in drama festivals and competitions and performed at the Lodestar Festival near Cambridge for a number of years.

We have been invited to perform in other towns and villages and so have ‘gone on tour’, taking scenery, stage props, costumes with us in a procession of vehicles!

Our performances within our village have been at the Village College, the First School, the Community Centre, the Eco Hub, St Mary’s Church, the WI hall. This proves how adaptable we are as a group and how hard we work together as a team to ‘put on a show’ wherever that may be. It also proves how talented our stage crew are in being able to rig a stage, lights and sound in many different spaces, sometimes testing our ingenuity to the limit!

Take some time to look at the long list of past productions and see how many you can remember!

Past Productions Gallery

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